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Writing and Musings

A fire burns to entice human gatherings and the telling of tales. We gather round the flames to hear news and speculations on the world we know and perhaps others we yearn to explore.


Through myth, narrative and legend we both learn and let our imaginations soar. 


I discovered speculative fiction as a young man and it inspired me to think about new worlds. Fantasy is my favorite genre, is but one avenue for the exploration of creativity, and certainly I love and admire the classic elements and tropes.


Yet there are as many worlds as we can conjure. Inside those constructs are the intimate elements of the human spirit, and the means to contemplate the understanding that is our own. 

When one reads, one looks inward and outward at the same time. There is great joy in that exploration. 


Beauty. Rage. Stoicism. Divinity. Love. Revenge. Hope.


All these glorious and awful things find their way into our thoughts through story, and we resonate and learn about ourselves through the processing of those images. 

In some ways then, we are what we read. 

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